Here is compilation of my most used condiments to prepare all of my plant-based meals! I’m telling you, when you are fully stocked with the right ingredients, it’s so much easier to whip up healthy meals any night of the week!

1.) Apple Cider Vinegar: I use this for so many applications. I love adding a little to my hot lemon water in the morning as it imparts a tangy, sweet flavor. I also use this in so many of my dressings. I also just use it plain on my salads at night with a little nutritional yeast-so good!

2.) Low-Sodium Vegetable Broth: I replace water with this when boiling brown rice and quinoa sometimes. Great to have on hand to whip up a veggie soup on a whim. I also use this to make fat free hummus instead of tahini.

3.) Coconut Aminos: I practically drink this stuff! An excellent alternative to soy sauce as it has much less sodium and it’s soy free. It has almost a sweet n salty flavor. Great for dressings and to just pour on steamed rice and veggies.


4.) Chickpea Miso: Most misos are made from fermented soybeans but I happily discovered this soy-free option. Great for miso soup and great to thicken dressings.

5.) Toasted Sesame Oil: I definitely don’t use this everyday but it’s so great to have on hand for my Asian dishes I have listed on my site!

6.) Nutritional Yeast: If you’re vegan and love cheese you need this gem! I sprinkle this on my salads daily and can’t live without it! Loaded with B vitamins and protein too.

7.) Coconut Syrup: One of my favorite liquid sweeteners made from coconut sap. It’s low-glycemic and not cloyingly sweet. I use this in most of my desserts and sometimes in a dressing when I need to balance the flavors.


8.) Balsamic Vinegar: I have said it many times that the more you spend on Balsamic, the happier you’ll be. Plus, the higher the quality the less you’ll use. You can find great balsamics  in the $10-14 range that you’ll be more than pleased with. Definitely worth the splurge and great for salads!

9.) Beans: I love how beans come packaged in boxes rather than aluminum cans these days! Awesome in soups, salads and rice bowls. You can take brown rice, black beans, steamed kale, salsa, cilantro and my Raspberry Maple-Chipotle dressing and have a Mexican rice bowl in no time! Stock up on kidney, black beans, chickpeas, etc.!

10.) Quinoa, Lentils and Rice: I use these multiple times a week to create healthy, low fat plant-based meals. Everything from soups, to stir-frys and salads these ingredients are THE cornerstones of any complete, plant-based diet!


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