Personal Chef/ Dinner Parties

 I will shop for the freshest ingredients and come into your home and prepare pre-determined meals we discussed during your consultation. Whether you are looking for a three-day detox meal plan to include vibrant, fresh juices and organic salads or a romantic dinner for your sweetheart, I will create the perfect plan/party tailored specifically to your needs. Please contact for pricing.


Raw/ Vegan Desserts

My heart will always reside more in the sweet world rather than the savory.  I LOVE sweets and want to share them with you!  I have taken my love of baking and pastry and adapted many traditional desserts into the raw vegan version.  Many believe sugar is sugar whether it comes from a peach or a piece of chocolate cake.  While I am not a nutritionist, I am here to inform you the body does assimilate sugar sources differently.  A raw vegan dessert will NOT leave you feeling heavy or dangerously spike your blood sugar.  However, it will still leave you feeling incredibly satisfied!  Your body actually recognizes the ingredients, unlike a heavily processed donut.  I am happy to cater a lovely dessert spread for a wedding shower, perhaps a bachelorette outing in one of the stunning Las Vegas hotels or any holiday party! Prices are determined on what is being ordered.

Sin City Select

Healthy by Day, Indulgent by Night

Will you be staying in one of the amazing Las Vegas Strip hotels and concerned about maintaining your healthy eating?  Las Vegas exemplifies “the half angel half devil” persona like no other city!  I am here to help balance the two with healthy, clean raw vegan options delivered straight to your hotel!  Please note, I use only the BEST, organic ingredients and buy everything to create your meals the same day.  From fresh cold-pressed juices, to vibrant organic salads, you are sure to find something that fancies your palette on the menu page.


ESU Health Reset

You are desperate in finally wanting to know how to eat healthy and immerse yourself into a more plant-based, vegan lifetstyle.  

This service provides one of two options:  One: I offer custom-tailored phone consultations on a one-time only or on-going basis.  I will take into account all of your personal struggles/desires and help guide you to the road of health freedom.  I will share all of my tips and tricks, recipes and extensive knowledge that tremendously helped me flourish on a plant-based lifestyle.  Two: If you are looking to dive right in, I would suggest my one or two day immersion.

You want a quick (but INTENSE) immersion into the vegan/raw vegan world and I will help lay a solid foundation for you.  No matter what your goals are, I will provide proven, EFFECTIVE tips and recipes and not some fad information you heard on the radio.  So what does this service include?  I will come to your home for either one or two days.  We will go to the store together and I will show you the exact ingredients I use to keep my clients at their healthiest.  We will then go back to your home and I will show you step by step how to prepare select meals and also share specific health tips depending on what issues you are facing.  Whether you live in Boston or Los Angeles, I will come to you! I charge $500 for an 8-hour day (plus all food, lodging and travel expenses.)  This includes a one hour initial phone consult and a plan designed specifically for you.  Want to do this with a friend?  Sometimes embarking on a life change is easier when you have the support of others.  Reduced rates given the more people you include. Believe me when I say your life will fall into place when your health is on track. YOUR BEST INVESTMENT=YOUR HEALTH!


Cooking Demo Parties

A great way to immerse yourself into the plant-based, vegan world is to host a cooking demo party in the comfort of your own home!  Invite some friends over on a casual Saturday afternoon and I will come with the freshest, most gorgeous and organic ingredients to teach you and your friends some amazing take-away recipes.  And yes, there will be plenty of food to sample!  Each party will be custom-tailored to your desired needs which could be all sinfully delicious, raw vegan desserts or delightful weeknight recipes.  Price is based upon number of guests and food being demoed.