Have you already given up on your 87 New Year’s resolutions??? I think we are all guilty of declaring we will do a complete 180 for the new year only to find ourselves resorting to old ways after the first week.  We all want to lose weight, eat healthier, attain more energy, blah, blah, blah…!  I would say 2014 was a “health experiment” for me.  I went vegan, I have been working to balance my hormones with my naturopathic doctor and just trying to obtain and overall sense of peace and happiness.  And honestly, it has been difficult, but SO worth it.  I took the old-fashioned route and really explored getting to the root of my problems and treating them as naturally as possible.  It is a constant work in progress-TRUST ME!  However, these 5 ESSENTIALS have become permanent in my healthy repertoire. These are things we can ALL benefit from.  Already feel pretty good? Then these things will make you feel great.  Remember, the key to success (or anything for that matter) is CONSISTENCY.
1.) B-COMPLEX…Life Extension makes wonderful supplements and this one is no exception.  I originally started off only taking one a day to save money.  I then decided to take the recommended 2 a day and WOW my energy is great!  B vitamins are essential for energy.  One thing I particularly like about this one is that contains the right kind of B12 called Methylcobalamin.  A lot of companies will use the cheap version of B12 called Cyanocobalamin.  The body actually has to convert it into the methyl form for proper assimilation which is just making your body work harder!  Check your B-complex as it may be time for a change.
2.) HEMP SEEDS…I used to eat a lot of salmon and realized I was completely lacking in Omega 3’s after going vegan.  High in protein, contains all essential amino acids and omega 3’s and you have a nutritional powerhouse.  I try to have a tablespoon every other day and chia seeds on the off days just for varied Omega’s.  I sprinkle them on soups, salads and smoothies.  I love them!
3.) ATLANTIC SEAWEED…Some of you might be gagging but Seaweed is my new best friend.  Some vehemently disagree with the fact the typical American Diet is lacking in minerals, but it’s true.  When you eat processed food for years you are depleting essential minerals from your body.  When you eat dairy you cause severe inflammation in the body.  The dairy actually leaches calcium and other minerals from your bones leaving your body basically starved.  Seaweed has an abundance of minerals and iodine which is great for balancing the thyroid.  Make sure to only use Atlantic seaweed to avoid any possible radiation contamination.  I will put a 5-inch piece into soup to flavor the broth while simmering. You can then discard or chop and add back in.  I also add raw seaweed to my smoothies and I can’t even taste it all blended up!  You want to talk about a nutritional superstar then look no further.  Great for hair!
4.) LEMON WATER…I know, I know everyone keeps talking about lemon water…because it’s good for you!  Anytime you eat processed foods or too much meat you run the risk of becoming too acidic in the body.  Lemons help to alkalize and they just make you feel internally clean when sipping on hot lemon water.  I try to start my day with hot lemon water and you should too!
5.) GREEN JUICE OR SMOOTHIE…I don’t do things just because they’re cool; I do things that make me feel food and green juices are where it’s at. My body craves liquid greens when I go without and then that sets me up for eating bad things.  What I eat in the morning sets the tone for the day.  Add some chocolate protein powder into a spinach, celery, cucumber, lemon juice, chia seed and banana smoothie and you will feel amazing!
Please don’t become overwhelmed with this list as that is not my intention.  Even if you just start with one of these suggestions you will be in good shape.  Happy New Year!

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